Telepractice (Telehealth) Services

Telepractice is also called Telehealth or Teletherapy and provides online services such as:
  • Assessment
  • Therapy/Intervention
  • Planning meetings with family and/or other professionals to discuss goals & strategies
Telepractice is a common, popular and safe way to access Speech Pathology services, particularly within the unpredictable Covid-19 environment.

How does it work?

Keiko Takenami Speech Pathology uses Zoom which is a secured video host. To participate, you will receive a Zoom link in advance and you can simply click on the link to connect to each session.

Is it effective? Is it same as a face-to-face service?

Current research shows that Telepractice can provide Speech Pathology assessment and therapy that is at least as effective and efficient as face-to-face services.

How can my child participate?

You may think it is difficult for some children and people to maintain attention or interest during online sessions however, it is possible to make these sessions as interactive and interesting as face-to-face therapy.

Keiko has extensive experience with Telepractice and has been providing Telepractice services to clients since 2013. She tailors each online session to suit individual requirements, including strategies to support sensory needs and challenges in maintaining attention.

What are the benefits of Telepractice?

You can access Telepractice sessions in a comfortable environment of your choice and it may be easier to schedule sessions during your preferred days and times.

Can I claim Telepractice sessions?

You can use your NDIS funding for Telepractice sessions (for self-managed and plan-managed clients) and you may be able to claim a rebate from Medicare or your private health fund.

What do I need for a Telepratice session?

You can use your PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablet or mobile phone with internet connection. Reliable and stable internet reception is required to access good quality video and audio communication.

You can see the “Informed Consent for Telepractice” document by clicking here.