What is community-based Speech Pathology?

Community-based Services for early childhood intervention, school aged children, teenagers and young adults

Keiko comes to you for assessment and therapy. This may be at home, preschool or childcare; at school or work; even at your local playground or recreational setting.

Why does this approach work well?

The best places to learn are the places in which you spend the most time. This is particularly important for young children so they can comfortably explore the world in familiar environments, with people they know well. Within everyday activities and routines, there are many opportunities to develop a range of skills including communication and language, play, and peer relationships.

Who will benefit from this approach?

Practicing communication and language strategies in natural environments is beneficial for family members across all age groups. Familiar, everyday situations can make it easier to continue practicing what is learned during therapy sessions and provide a comfortable environment to apply those newly learned skills.

How does this approach work?

Keiko discusses appropriate communication and language goals and tailors strategies to suit each family environment. She uses evidence based adult coaching methods to help family members feel comfortable and motivated when applying therapy strategies. Research has demonstrated that under the guidance of an experienced Speech Pathologist, families can successfully apply language facilitation strategies in their natural environments, and attain better outcomes.